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Payment Information for original pastel drawings

* $50(Australian) + postage & mailing tube for all pastel pictures.
* Payment to be made through Paypal to the account of susan@flashman.com.au

If you have any inquires please email susan@flashman.com.au or
phone within Australia 08 83811751
phone outside Australia 618 83811751

Payment Information for animation

.*.Please email me the answers to my questions: susan@flashman.com.au
..*.Your name:
..*.Your email:
..*.Are you the artist?
..*.Please email me a copy of the painting that is to be animated(file size less than 2mg) susan@flashman.com.au
..*.How did you find the site:
......Search engine
... ...Which search engine
.......Maralyn Adlin
.......Marie Beckworth
.......Marie Jonsson-Harrison
.......Kevin Whall

I charge $200 per swf animation for a 15 second animation $350 per swf animation for 30 secoond animation. I will not start the animation until the payment is made through Paypal (account name susan@flashman.com.au).

I recommend the animation be approximately 300px+ * 450px+ for a landscape painting, I can make it smaller or larger if you desire. Please indicate perferred measurements.
1. All my animations are saved as a swf file. Which is the kind of file that is put on a web page.
2. There is an extra charge of $50 if you require it saved as a .mov file. This can be used on facebook
3. There is an extra charge of $100 if you require it saved as a sequence .jpg This needs java script to automatically load and can be used on facebook. You would have to get your ISP or a java expert to set it up for you, I can make the sequence .jpg but do not load it onto the web.
4. Yes I can make a gif animation but it must be smaller file size and be done with a different program, the charge for an animated gif is $200.
Thank you

Suzie Flashman

Let me animate your paintings. $200 per 15 second animation.
Contact Suzie-Eileen
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